Thursday, July 9, 2009

Are You Using LinkedIn?

I've found LinkedIn to be a very resourceful tool. It's arguably the best professional networking tool in today's cyber world. It is extremely useful for networking and locating key individuals in your career search.

Once you land that job, it can be a very useful tool for researching and making contact with key folks within a company that could possible help make that sale.

Linked In, if used to it's fullest extent, can provide a place for you to input your past job experiences, like to groups and sub-groups of interest and keep up to date with what folks are doing in your network.

Several limiting switches within the site will provide you with the level of information that you share to both network and out of network people.

My personal recommendation is to link only to people that can be useful, or that you may be able to provide information and support to, that you know and trust.

There are folks that will link to anyone and everyone. They are referred to as LION people, which is an acronym for Linked In Open Networker. These folks generally will have the word LION in their name title in bold capital letters.

If you are not linked in professionally, I suggest that you do so with out further delay. It can be a powerful resource for you. If you are currently in job search, please understand that rather than spend the big bucks on the job boards, human resource people are turning to LinkedIn for applicants.

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