Sunday, February 28, 2010

Coupons Gain Popularity On The Internet

In this economy, coupons are reported as gaining in popularity. To capture the, once frequent, now occasional diner, restaurants continue to struggle for ways to entice folks to spend their hard earned bucks. Grocery stores and food manufacturers are vying for those bucks as well. Coupons are meant to lure the user in the restaurant or store so they spend more than what they intended.

However, with a disciplined and planned visit, one can use the coupons to defray the cost of a monthly food budget.

Look for two for one deals; "Buy one, get one" (commonly called BOGO) at both restaurants and grocers. these are generally the best deals. Look for coupons where the product is at or near free. Then look for items that you normally buy that would be a good discount. Then, the real discipline is; buy only what you normally buy. Do not buy a product just because you have a coupon. This will only take away the from the saved bucks. An exception, of course, is to purchase the product if it is at or near zero cost. Then, it becomes a "freebie".

Signing up for a frequent shopper card at your grocer generally offers an additional discount on many products and in my opinion, are certainly worth taking a few minutes to obtain. However, frequent diner cards at restaurants are not generally a good idea and unless you develop a habit of dining there anyway, are generally a waste of time and either wallet or purse space. I end up carrying one around for a year, sometimes longer. I generally end up sending them to the circular file when I receive a new wallet as a Christmas gift every other year or so.

An additional note about shopping for your groceries: If two grocery stores are in close proximity, as often they are, it might pay to use certain coupons at one location and others at the second.

For restaurant coupons, go to the website of your favorite dining choices and sign up for their clubs, or newsletter. Great offerings come to your e-mail box and often free or deeply discounted choices. Some offer free birthday dinners. NOTE: You may want to set up a special email address just for coupons and specials.

As reported in a recent copy of the "Website Magazine", the following are some of the most popular Coupon Sites:
Far and away the most visited coupon web site.

This one offers an iphone app.
An Industry pioneer and includes more than 800 merchants.

Although I haven't personally used these sites, they all seem to offer something for most folks.

Sites that I currently use are:
Select state, & grocery stores, then pull up the deals. You'll love this one. You can print out and use as your shopping list.
Sometimes, this one offers coupons from pharmacies.

My hope is for this to help you with your food budget. Happy clipping.

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