Monday, January 28, 2013

TV Repair

OKAY, so this has little to do with job search, but I stumbled upon something today that I thought I should share. I found two websites that look to be very helpful should your TV develop problems.

Rather than fumble around looking for a TV repair person to come to your house, or head off to some unknown repair center, I'll pass along something that could save you a good bit of agony and perhaps a few hard earned dollars.

There is a website, that from the comments I've read, is monitored by several very informed technicians. Their response is most often immediate and to the point. Just Answer dot com
Is a very easy site to use. You simply type in the problem that you are experiencing with your TV and a response will come back to you. The site also tells you how many technicians are online and ready to answer your question.

Then for repair, there is a website that will provide a NASDA certified repair facility closest to your zip code. This may only be good for certain areas though. On the TV Repair Pros dot com website, you simple tyoe in your zip code and the closest repair locations will appear. Once you select a repair center, a simple form will appear where you type in identifying information, your set name and model number, in addition to the issue that you are experiencing. Some may even make house calls.

You do not currently have TV issues? Great! There is a tab labeled "MORE CATEGORIES" where you will find five major categories and a couple hundred sub categories.

The major categories are:
~LIFE & PERSONAL has been in the News at the following:

~The New York Times
~The Washington Post
~Good Morning America

I certainly hope this helps you to avoid a bit of frustration. Better yet, I really hope that it saves you a few George Washington's here and there.

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