Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is Your Cup Half Empty or Is It Half Full?

Does your career search have you bogged down because the unemployment rate in the area(s) that you are searching is at or near double digits?

Snap out of it right now! Grab yourself by the scruff of the neck and get active in your search. You are a valuable asset to a company somewhere. Maybe not today, but certainly tomorrow.


Even if the unemployment rate is as high as 12%, remember this; 88% are employed. Is your cup half empty, or is it half full? People are leaving companies, for personal reasons, health and for retirement, every day. Employers are letting select people go, in hopes of finding you, a better, more reliable employee, for the same money.

Government employees are, and will continue to retire at an astonishing rate, as our government employee sector is older than our private sector. Maybe you don't want to work for the government. That's alright, the replacement employees for our government will be coming from the private sector, so that creates an opening in the private sector where you are searching.

Companies are doing less advertising through the job boards. Research the companies that you wish to work for. Google them, then go to their company job or career site. Look them up on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. That's where you will find the jobs.

Okay, so you did all of that and came up empty. Maybe you did check yesterday, but did you check today?

This may be hard to understand, but the experienced job pool will completely dry up as early as the Spring of 2012. No, I can't wait that long either, but I just wanted to put it in proper perspective.

To coin a phrase and book title by Robert H. Schuller, "Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!"

I pray that we both find that job that we are looking for, and soon!

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